What did she say??

Last night my husband Mike and I dragged our butts out to dinner because we had a babysitter. We both were tired and not in the mood to go out. But things started looking up when we found ourselves seated at my favorite kind of restaurant table – a banquette. I love this because I adore communal dining and chatting it up with almost anyone that may sit next to us. I also love to watch people in restaurants: how they sit, drink, order, eat, use their utensils, talk, etc..This is a good thing, I might add, because my family is in the restaurant business.
I always mention to the hostess when we are being seated at a banquette to try and put someone interesting by me. Mike kind of doesn’t like the banquette. He doesn’t thrive on butting into conversations and staring at people.
BUT the section that we were in last night had a bunch of TVs on the wall above my head with a basketball game on. Go ahead, watch basketball while I eavesdrop, honey.
Then, the “interesting” people I requested came and sat down. Two very hot women with their not very hot dates. The one in particular kept glancing over and even made a basketball comment, which finally drew Mike’s eyes away from the TV and over to her hot self.
I admit she was sexy. The kind of sexy that men and women all up and down the damn banquette are staring at. She flipped her hair around a lot and laughed a pretty contagious laugh. Then she orders a round of shots and makes it abundantly clear that she is a party girl, albeit an amateur. (who does shots before dinner?)
As we chatted a little with this odd quartet, I was getting a bit nostalgic (and maybe envious) as they were looking at their watches to make sure they would be arriving LATE enough at a party. (We, on the other hand, were looking at our watches to make sure we weren’t getting home too late for the sitter.)
We even shared a laugh with them about this and said something like, “Ha ha we are so boring now. I remember those days.” and then the little hottie said “oh, that’s OK honey you can just live viCURIOUSly through us.”
Now who is laughing a contagious laugh?…

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