I’m telling you, this is a weird story

Headline from a news report out of San Diego:

Police Investigate Priests’ Claims Mahony Was Assaulted

The police seem to be treating the priests’ claims with the same healthy skepticism the church brought to claims against the priests. Some interesting details in the article. What we learn is that Mahony took his beating beautifully:

The Reverend Joseph Shea of Glendale said in an Associated Press interview Tuesday that Mahony told priests at a conference in October he was attacked in late July or early August as he was dropping off letters at a mailbox.

Shea says the cardinal was kicked and so badly beaten that he was hospitalized, and it took him weeks to recover.

Shea adds that Mahony did not report the attack to police “because he felt he could offer it up in reparation for the sins of others.”

What a lovely gesture. But here’s the money quote:

A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Archdiocese says whatever Mahony told the priests was “not meant to be public.”

I wonder why not.

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