Who To Vote For?

I haven’t been following the election that closely. I certainly have my impressions of the candidates, but I haven’t looked closely at their positions or really thought about who to support yet. Then today someone sent me this test: you answer a bunch of questions (not too many) about your political beliefs and it tells you which candidates most closely match your positions.

My results were odd: it says that Obama, Kucinich, Mike Gravel, and Christopher Dodd all match my positions with 79% similarity. I suppose that’s possible: they might each match my beliefs in different ways. But the really weird thing is that almost all the candidates, Huckabee and Giuliani included, have positions that are at least 50% similar to mine. The one exception is Duncan Hunter, who, when I read about him, seems awful – yet his positions are 44% similar to mine.

Yikes. Is it bad math on the site? Or is it me?

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