I discovered last night that I owe the IRS a hefty amount for 2007. My coworker suggested today I check my numbers on the free Turbotax online that her boyfriend had used. On the turbotax site I vaguely remembered that I had once created an account at least years ago. I clicked on the tab indicating I forgot both my login ID and password. After giving it my name and social security # it asked me my chosen security question.

Who was your childhood hero?

Hmmmm, how the hell would I have answered that. Did I name my favorite baseball player at that time? (Larry Bowa) A baseball player I still admired from childhood? (Roberto Clemente)

Or did I decide to make it a joke answer. One that I may actually remember down the road? I thought about it for a few minutes and typed Ronald Reagan as the answer. I was correct.

I now had access to the free Turbotax 1040EZ. Which I of course cannot use. And the reason I hadn’t logged on to the freakin site for 5 years.

Though it did make me happy my mind remembered an inside joke with myself from 2003.

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