46645 is all you need

Does everyone know about text messaging GOOGLE for quick information? You can find out almost anything by sending a text message to 46645 (GOOGL) and punching in your request… For example, let’s say I need to find the nearest CHASE bank, I type in CHASE 44118 (my zipcode) and up comes the nearest location and phone number. FAST.
If I need to check out our shitty weather in Cleveland, type “W Cleveland” and it tells me we are getting more snow.
How ’bout a football score on Sunday?? I punch in “Score Steelers” and there it is!
Stock quotes, weather, word definitions, currency conversions, flight schedules and even ” Who is Jason Statham”.
I can’t stop!
I heard that Yahoo has it too. (92466) But I haven’t tried it out yet.
Here is another, punch in “daylight savings time ” – ANSWER: March 9, 2008.
Don’t forget to spring forward!

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