46th Mersenne Prime Discovered

Congrats UCLA! You found a prime number with more than ten million digits and got yourself a cash prize as well. These are the people who found it. Mersenne primes are of the form 2^p -1, where p is also prime.(Simple example: let p=2 then 2 squared =4 -1 =3, which is prime, and so is 2). Primes get far and few between the larger the number gets. Gimps (Great Internet Mersenne Prime Research) is the organization who hosts the contest, and provides the software for the search. Anyone can join, if you have a computer and internet, you can get in there as well. I’ve been doing it for many years (thought I was going to nab the ten-million-digit prime).
No matter, I have to gear up old “Bob” (a windows box expressively for this, he used to be a print server, which is an obsolete task now) for the hundred-million digit prime (and a prize of $150,000).
But, c’mon, anyone doing this isn’t doing it for the money. Prime number finding is a blood sport.
2^43,112,609 -1 has almost thirteen million digits. The 46th Mersenne Prime.

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