No on Prop 8

In case you don’t know, Prop 8 in California, is what voters will vote on tomorrow and is a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. I told Isa about it weeks ago, but today we got to see democracy in action. She and I took the bus to the orthodontist and at our intersection, the ‘no on Prop 8’ folks were out in full force. People were beeping and cheering.
Then we saw this in the sky:

At our transfer stop, a phalanx of “Yes on Prop 8” were positioned on the corner of the intersection. Isa was booing loudly and I was looking at them thinking, “what kind of people are going to take the time to be against gay marriage?” Well, there was a large red F150 pickup there with an equally as large emotionless woman sitting there with her sign. A few men (all of them white) hung about the truck with their signs.

A few hours later, we returned to the intersection, but this time the Yes on Prop 8 were dominating. There were more of them, they were of all ages and colors. They were dancing. One of the sign holders (a cute young gal) kept crossing all ways of the intersection, strutting with her sign as if she were showing us boxing scores. People were beeping madly. I looked at the honkers, most were young, of all different ethnicities. Now and again a blonde in an Expedition would glare at the protesters, but the overall effect was that No on Prop 8 has this in the bag. (Hope).

An old black man came up to us and asked me, “Did you hear about Obama’s grandmother?” I’d been out all day, so I had not. “She passed away knowing the good day that will come tomorrow,” I said.
He agreed.
“We must think about the good day that will come tomorrow.”

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