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  1. Frank B.

    I went to Pennsylvania Boys State (so did Ed Buchholz, a year later). My experience was similar to yours – it gave me an appreciation of how democracy could devolve into fascism. I recall we outlawed abortion with mandatory death sentences for both the mother and doctor. But one novel twist – the guy who was, if you don’t mind me saying, the “Jack Silbert” of the group, ended up getting elected governor by grabbing the unforeseeable ironic backlash vote.

  2. John McGreivey

    The problem with a closed social structure where you’re supposed to fight your way to the top is, for ever winner, there’s mathematically got to be a loser, and for every big winner, there has to be a big loser. So if there’s someone who wins everything, and a few more who run almost everything, there have to be the same number who won nothing and almost-nothing.

    It’s hard to see how that teaches any good lessons, except to the top 1/3 or so who are the winners (and maybe it doesn’t teach most of them good lessons, either). The other 2/3 either learn a lesson of cynicism (is that a good lesson, actually, it a bad one? I guess it depends on what the do with it), or a lesson of self-loathing (or both).

  3. John McGreivey

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