My top 40 songs of the decade (with commentary)

Inspired by my friend Dave, who preceded me as music director at our college radio station in the 1980s and who just published a list of his top 300 songs of the decade (!), I assembled a more modest top 40.

These are songs, not artists (indeed, there are a few artists here for whom I only own one song), but I did decide not to repeat any artists.

My original thought was to do this as an old-fashioned mix tape (except on cd) – but with 20 recipients at 3 cds each that was going to be a lot of postage and plastic (I couldn’t get it down to two cds – somewhere along the way I started liking a lot of 6 minute songs) . So then I thought podcast, but after a few hours I felt like I had less understanding of the concept than when I started. So here are two formats I was able to figure out: a single big audio file you can download or stream.

Songs 40 to 21:
download (about 75 MB)

Check back in a few days for 20 to 1.

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