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  1. sie

    Jack S., you rock! Thank you for looking back!

  2. miclusick

    Glamorous Ewing. Funny.My mother-in-law has called that place home for the last fifteen years. I guess that’s why she prefers to travel to Princeton for nightlife, her fave bar is downtown. maybe you’ve been to it Jack, you rock. Really cool place with an 18th century vibe (I’m trying to seem more sophisticated). We stayed in the hotel on top, but the highlight was drinks in the substreetlevel bar. A largish mural (i bought a postcard) of Yankee Doodle days over the bar, and crests from a bunch of Ivy League schools throughout the place. It’s either Yale or Harvard, but they have some ancient language, looks Hebrew, on theirs, it’s Yale I believe. Weird. But I’m not very sophisticated (and trying to seem moreso), so it probably isn’t weird to others.

    ok, my last comment entry here at SiW. i’m changing my account. as a heads up, my future name is “immediate red flag”

  3. Frank B.

    It’s remarkable that you still have all this stuff.

  4. miclusick

    Hey Jack, I’m glad you were humorously understanding about my reasons for not accepting your friend request on Facebook.

    So for selfish (how Ayn Rand of me) reasons, here’s my latest FB status:

    To tie into this ‘My First Job’ post, perhaps think of the Morrissey quote, and think of a mad dash by a mad man, like a pissed off orienteering super-champion……or not. *My first and all previous jobs are pointless to talk about; current occupation is the the one I’m most fond of – “Internet Liar” for Red Flag Industries

  5. www.RadioAirplayPros.com

    I agree completely!!

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