Hipness is relative

from the Fort Lauderdale (FL) Sun-Sentinel:

Hip new movie house adds social hub to FAU

Once known for its placid nightlife, Florida Atlantic University is giving students and the community a reason to be on campus after dark.

4 responses to “Hipness is relative”

  1. Jack Silbert

    1) That woman just coming in didn’t get the grey/black memo.

    2) Nice cupholders!

    3) “More like BROKEN hip! Am I right, people?”

  2. miclusick

    A thoroughly depressing but good article at sun-sentinel.com, thanks Frank. I’m glad the moviehouse is showing “The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Eliot Spitzer in His Perhaps More Effective Destiny as Infotainer.”

  3. Kristen

    Looks like they’re headed to the Maid-Rite…

  4. miclusick

    Kristen, thanks for the Maid-Rite shout out. Personally, I think it’s a good thinggg to repeat memes. **(maybe start hashing some of the 2007 SiW posts?)**.
    So the point, Facebook is starting to wear thin for me; in concordance with a status update of mine a few months ago, I’m pretty sure I will start my own blog this Christmas season; the Pagan 12 days of xmas was something I SiW commented about last year or the year before.
    What i think a fantastic (jay Leno- burn in h) name for my blog would b is – “Maid-Rite”, and here’s the conumdrum: do I ask Maid-Rite for the rights? do I ask SiW for the idea rights? do I ask Oxford news? naturally, it should be ok, i think, any whichway you look at it, mainly based on the blog’s non-501(c) non-profit status, other than my personal vanity skills. OR, should I be cool and clever, and invent a new name?! The sub-text there being that I wouldn’t want SiW readers to locate it without much effort. a hint: ‘Sang Froid – Void Moi’
    — excerpt from “Execute”

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