5 responses to “My Highly Subjective List of the Best Movies of 2010”

  1. Traci

    Cool – I was debating whether to rent The American the other night. Will do so now that you’ve recommended it. The slow-moving, atmospheric stuff sounds a little like Ghost Writer, which I enjoyed.

  2. jennyphresh

    I was just struggling with my queue when you popped up to save the day! I have seen some of these, and hence have the capability to disagree with your assessment in a couple of instances…me no likee that creepy Alice in Wonderland! We shall debate these further in the new year…ah yes, we shall.

  3. Caren

    Have you seen The Town? It’s full of awesomeness (if you can suspend disbelief regarding the romantic element.)

  4. Maggie Hames

    You should do a PG-13 and under list for Media Darlings!

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