10 responses to “I Want to Replace Regis!”

  1. AndreaaU88

    NO thanks.

  2. Jack Silbert

    Hear me out on this: What if it was “Live With Kelly, Jack, and AndreaaU88”? I’m even willing to discuss “Kelly, AndreaU88, and Jack.”

  3. Sarah

    And don’t forget that your last name practically rhymes with Philbin.

  4. jennyphresh

    You have convinced me! But you need a better co-host. How does “Jack and Jenny” sound? We can talk endlessly about cat urine and the perils of encountering stray doo-doo nuggets in corporate bathroom floors. America will EAT it up, I say!

  5. Jack Silbert

    Much like my bathtub, that has an excellent ring to it!

  6. AndreaaU88

    Yeah…..maybe “Jack and Jenny”…..

  7. Chandra

    I think you’d be a great new Reg! You have my vote.

  8. Caren

    “It will keep her feeling young and vivacious.”

    That alone seals the deal, from my perspective. What woman doesn’t want to feel young and vivacious?

  9. Frank B.

    Any progress to report?

  10. amy

    Kelly’s agent will discourage it. You are too smart and will make her look wicked dumb. It won’t be your fault either.

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