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  1. Jeff

    Bought tickets off a scalper? Wow, I don’t remember that. Pretty cool!

    Nov 6, 1986 was a Thursday; Nov 7 was a Friday. I’m going to bet my parents wouldn’t have approved of me going on a Thursday.

    And, hey, here’s the set list!


    It also, after all these years, finally occurs to me that we saw The *Feelies* at The *Felt* Forum. Ha! Kind of like seeing The Stones at The Stoned Salon :-).

  2. Dave

    Nice. I think I bought my first R.E.M. record (Murmur) on the strength of a Rolling Stone review too. In fact, I think I bought it at Waxie Maxie’s at White Oak Plaza in Silver Spring. It may have been one of the last records I bought there before applying there for a job I didn’t get and then deciding I didn’t like Waxie Maxie’s, but I do still like Murmur. I still like Murmur a lot.

  3. Caren

    What a great tribute! I loved reading about your enjoyment of various REM ouevres (and discovery of other music in general) during different stages of life. A particularly good part: “a suburban teenager could find them in magazines and on TV and in mall record stores—but at 15 that was perhaps as much as I could handle. It was preparation for a wide world of independent music, film, literature.” The part about telling the kid on the bus they sounded a little like the Eagles was great too.

    The Los Lobos in high school mention reminded me of this song that I haven’t heard in ages, which I loved in h.s, so thanks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHO5iwzM8pc

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