5 responses to “Could You Make It Out to Jack?”

  1. carli

    I don’t think the art of the autograph is dead. I know kids who wait outside stage doors, Playbills in hand, hoping to get them signed by the performers they just saw. And at official signings, you have to buy the book/cd if you want anything signed. As for e-books, well, I know a couple of people who have had their Kindles signed, but admittedly that’s a limited amount of space.

    I don’t think the autograph is ever going to die, but admittedly in our hyper-connected society, it certainly means less.

  2. carli

    And you don’t have an Alice Ripley bubble letter autograph. You are so not finished.

  3. Caren

    What a neat remembrance piece! I love that you still have one from an AM radio program director in the ’70s.

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