3 responses to “Movie Review: Jack and Jill”

  1. Caren

    Sounds like maybe it was worth it for free (and not a penny more).

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

    Love to eat…turkey…..

  2. Beauty

    I’m really glad I didn’t bother to see this movie in theaters because I’m a huge fan of Adam Sandler. Although, his work hasn’t been his best lately I would hate to see it drown further down. I was hoping that Jack and Jill would be a hit but from what my friends and some of my DISH co-workers tell me, it’s not worth it. I have heard some good things about it that makes me think maybe; just maybe I will rent it. I mean if I use my Blockbuster @Home it will be like I’m getting it for free like you and be worth it right. After all if I don’t like Jack and Jill I can always watch on demands or the tons of DISH channels I get from being a DISH customer. Whatever the case is I hope that I like it!

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