6 responses to “Movie Review: The Muppets”

  1. carlithis

    I agree with 99% of this review, except that I thought Piggy and Fozzie’s voices were unacceptable. And I didn’t get the C-Lo reference at all.

  2. Kate

    There’s literally nothing you can say that will compel me to see this movie. Furthermore, it must be in my DNA, since Miriam feels the same way. If the muppets had never existed, the world would be a better place. Oh yes! That’s how strongly I feel! It’s more than a yawning cultural gap, it’s a CHASM, a Grand Canyon scale rift in the earth’s geology. No no no no no.

  3. jennyphresh

    I also thought it was sweet and charming. Interestingly, my kids barely laughed (although they liked Fozzie’s fart shoes…of course). It wasn’t a laugh-out-louder for them–I really felt it was more of a sentimental journey for adults who remember the Muppets as they were. I did love the musical aspects. And the MOOPETS.

  4. Maggie Hames

    Want to see this for all the reasons you mentioned. Very curious to see the Chris Cooper/Muppet equation.

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