6 responses to “Houston St., We Have a Problem”

  1. Maggie Hames

    So–was it the mayor himself in the back seat? As in, the CEO of New York?

    Also–who is the real Jack Silbert (on Klout) the high-score Jack or the low score Jack? Is there a story in the works there?

  2. Sarah

    Nice work, good-looking young man!

  3. jennyphresh

    Where was I when this happened? Oh yeah, doing Tequila shots in my office.

  4. Maggie Hames

    Re: Klout
    Somehow you show up twice with two different photos, and one of your identities has a much higher score than the other (I’ll call him “evil” Jack). Once you sign up, you’re part of the mix and you get “categories” or “topics” of influence and people can give you points (or “k” as they call it). Don’t compain! Evil Jack is doing great on Klout.

  5. Caren

    That was a really elaborate pick-up line. Good job calling his bluff!

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