7 responses to “Where Is Chuck Norris? (Google Poem #1)”

  1. Sarah

    Really?! Love it.

  2. Cian


  3. Daniel

    This I like. Unfortunately, google is not as poetic when asked for introspection:
    google doc table type
    google survey
    google suggest
    google suggest api
    google suggest manipulation
    google suggest me
    google suggest method
    google suggest meta poem

  4. Herman Tempelman

    Hi Jack
    See you have a Google Poem #1. (generated by Google)
    Well, I also have a Google Poem #1 (generated the old way 🙂 , out of my head ).
    Since Google has an IPO coming up soon thought I’d be kind to them. Not that
    the stock price will need any help going thru the roof!
    Herman Tempelman

    “Congratulations Google”

    For what?

    For NOT filling the sky with PIE.

    But for giving US

    Hits and bits to APPLY

    Till we all turn to DUST

    by Herman W. Tempelman

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