9 responses to “Honest Abe’s Funny Money Book”

  1. Tom Hoffman

    Is the penny a Wimp Factor 14 homage? Can I get a copy?

  2. CL

    How cute! Congrats!

    One of the few things I really looked forward to in elementary school was when a box would come in full of fresh Scholastic books. And if you ordered three, you got something like a poster of a seal or a kitten!

  3. Jadine

    If I give you my Lucky order form will you autograph that, too?

  4. davepmiller

    This looks good, but I think we have deeper problems about understanding the value of money at my house. The other day, my 4YO says to my 7YO “Hey, we should get a time machine”. My 7YO replies somewhat scornfully “No. We can’t do that. They’re way too expensive. They’re like… $49”

  5. Natalie

    Oh yay. Congrats on the new book! 🙂

  6. Erryn

    Hello Mr. Silbert,

    I’m trying to get my hands on your book “Honest Abe’s Funny Money.” My son is in the 1st grade and his teacher is expecting him to complete an assignment after reading your book. However, on that day, I checked him out early because he had a therapy appointment. My son is on the autistic spectrum and has ADHD. I’m trying to help him complete the assignment but his teacher will not provide the book, and expects him to complete the assignment by memory??? I tried looking in the library and at several online bookstores, and found nothing. Please help! I don’t want him to fall behind!

    Erryn Shine

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