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  1. Joshua Weisstuch

    Hi Jack –

    Long time, no? I’m well, just came back from a pretty good trip to Africa (see the blog, my other “websites” are not as exciting linkedin and the like). I’m also married, as of this past July, and guess what? She likes that band Phish too!

    I was working in the NYC affordable housing world before we left and I’m looking to get back into that stuff now that we’re back. So far I’ve had some good interviews and hopefully will have a few more in the coming weeks.

    How’s the old gang? You still in touch with anyone? Bob….and those other guys? (it’s embarresing how bad i am with names.). Would be great to catch up one of these days, I’m down for a drink. Anytime is good since i’m not working these days.

    Your blog made me laugh several times.

  2. CL

    Dating is…ugh sometimes. The problem is, if you are kinda quiet and shy, you temporarily have to push yourself to become the opposite of who you are so that the other person will get to know you in such a limited time and realize you are interested in them and not being standoffish — but then you’re not really acting like yourself if you are normally a more subdued, slower-at-things person. So you have to almost be the opposite of who you are when your time is limited to a short date. I hated that. I probably messed it up a bunch of times. I preferred pining in plantonic friendships as you mentioned. Actually the best thing is to meet someone slowly at school or work, but those opportunities end after a certain point. So you end up having to “audition” at something like 3-minute dating. It’s not terrible, but not great either. Oh well, with Facebook there’s a new way to get to know someone without necessarily limiting your time to dates. Are today’s young ‘uns lucky to have had it from the beginning, or not? I don’t rightly know.

  3. Joe

    I thought you did pretty well considering you could have easily been mistaken for a book thief and stalker.

    Who eats only *one* slice of pizza?

  4. CL

    Six years! Too funny.

    You can call it…IntimiDate.

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