5 responses to “Laura, My Love, Delegate From the Philippines”

  1. CM

    Great ending!

    Maybe you rejected her because she wrote “your a junior.”

    I love that you saved all this stuff.

    I still have notes from friends from 7th grade. I should get rid of them, but I can’t.

  2. Jenny

    Hilarious! Oh, Laura, where are you now? In the Philipines [sic]?

  3. Sarah

    Awesomeness. I love it.

  4. Lisa

    My favorite: “I think we should bag this whole thing. What do you think? –Laura (Phili)
    This has the makings of a book…or at least some flash fiction. No pun intended.
    Yeah, right.
    Seriously, though, these missives prove yet again why you are such a swell guy. Laura, you were one lucky delegate!

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