Business Plan: Club 273

I propose opening a club, which I will call Club 273. It will be a very exclusive club, with no sign outside. And get this: 273 will not be the building’s street address. On that street, 273 will be, like, a shoe repair shop or something.

This will keep away poseurs who have heard about the club through word-of-mouth rather than official channels.

If the club succeeds, I propose also buying the shoe repair shop. Then, when the poseurs show up, I will tell them, “You were going to go to Club 273 in those shoes? Oh, Papi, please!” So it would be win-win. I propose calling a lot of people Papi.

2 responses to “Business Plan: Club 273”

  1. Steve Waldhorn

    What have you been smoking? I want to try some!

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