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  1. Blake

    What a wonderfully entertaining review! Before stopping here, I couldn’t decide if The Bourne Legacy was going to be worth a movie ticket since there are several movies I want to see in theater, but I can’t possibly allow myself to afford them all. One of my buddies, who I work with at Dish, said this movie was great, especially after he watched the first three Bourne movies earlier that day. I think I’ll skip it in the theater and save that money for The Expendables II, (no way I’m missing that on the big screen). I’ll just add The Bourne Legacy to my Blockbuster @Home queue, along with the other three Bourne movies. Even though it’s still in theaters, I can still place my hold The Bourne Legacy, that way I’ll be one of the first to rent it on disc. Thanks for helping me save my pennies and not miss a good movie!

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