9 responses to “Separated at Birth XVIII”

  1. Miclusic

    Did you come up with name Salt In Wound?

  2. Miclusic

    A few band analogies come to mind. The one that fits best is that you’re Sammy Hagar.

  3. Miclusic

    No, Hagar is a much more apt correlation. C’mon though, you have to admit the older SiW had more ‘salt’, more ‘wound’. The blog has a different feel these days. How about “Tepidness” or “White Bread” for a name change?D

  4. Miclusic

    In discussing the political campaigns, I’ve noticed the main blog I visit has mentioned the word ‘misnomer’ a lot. I must have subconsciously let the idea into SiW here. I’m regretful, will try better to stay focused, i.e. geewillakers Wally! Alex and Doc look like the same person!

  5. Miclusic

    May you have great online success, God knows I won’t.

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