5 responses to “Emails Found on my Old Computer, Episode #5”

  1. Davidsfr

    Is this e-mail to you or from you? “Silby” implies it is from you, but then to whom were you sending this? Did you ever send it? I’m somewhat confused.

    Regardless, if in fact this is what happened to you I hope you went home that night and listened to the extended remix of “Heartbreak Beat” by the Psychedlic Furs!

  2. Esther

    Sorry, but you are neither the good guy nor necessarily the smarter guy.
    “I kid myself thinking I can get her. I can’t get her.”
    Who says things like this? Yes, she is definitely an object an item you deserve to win. It is your thinking that is the problem. You are not the good guy you think you are.
    “bald fuck”
    because we should judge our lovers by their looks completely.
    Like many, you assume you are the smart guy, the nice guy, you are not. He may not be either. Or he may. But just because you go through the motions of being the so called good guy, your thinking is that you deserve any girl because you are better then the other guy. Maybe not cooler or better looking so you are smarter and nice. Except, you are not really all that nice….
    Stop thinking you deserve a girl and picking them apart. Start looking for someone who you can appreciate on a lot of factors. Then you will be in a relationship instead of bitter.
    [I notice many posts about being a good guy and volunteering of course meant to prove something, but why not do it and DONT write about it??]
    I see too much entitlement in these posts, Jack. I know you are no worse then some of the other guys but are you really better?

  3. Davidsfr

    Esther, those of us who know Jack can say with absolute certainty that he is “the good guy.” He is very, very good. Usually . . .

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