4 responses to “Spotlight on Greenville”

  1. Caren

    Loved it! It was great how you led into it with the Jackson brothers. I liked Dee Dee and Frank. Those pecan pixies sound good.

    It was too bad it didn’t have more photos – are there more in the print version? I’d bet you took some good ones.

  2. Miclusic

    Yes, to an extent I agree with Caren. Feels like I’m there.
    If I could possibly bother you for two minutes of your time, I’m seeking some of your scholarly wisdom. I just uploaded 6 photos to my flcker page, and don’t feel comfortable with my captions. Any suggestions? Maybe you can write 6 new ones for me?


  3. miclusic

    April Fools!

    Really, that was a nice article. Trying to find the quote I liked but I can’t, something about “tangible things engage young people.”

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