3 responses to “Movie Review: Leviathan”

  1. miclusic

    I’ve noticed that with these somewhat lengthy things you write, I read only a few random words, sentences here and there. Then come back the next day, and do the same thing, not even reading, but more looking at words and such. It ends up giving me a headache, and I think an appropriate punishment for visiting your site.

  2. miclusic

    That crystallized bit is too nice. Well put. I was going to respond at one point how I might like this movie. The fragmented camera stuff sounds like indeed it’d float my boat. Then I got to thinking, my wife probably would not like it as much. When we see movies where she enjoys it more than I do, the overall vibe of our time together and separate is much nicer. It also plays into my aesthetic that I dig appreciating stuff I don’t necessarily like.

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