2 responses to “Movie Review: Blue Jasmine”

  1. Lisa

    Wonderfully-written review of a fine, interesting and textured movie. Cate Blanchett wowed me and I love Sally Hawkins, but as you note, was most surprised by Andrew Dice Clay. Thank you for putting this in perspective for me~!

  2. miklisek

    curiosity killed the cat they say. so I googled “blue jasmine’ curious to see what kind of plant it was. (we have a large pesky plain? Jasmine plant that has been going back and forth between life and death the last 3 years). After 15 pages of google search, solidly locked into links pertaining to the movie, I chose to follow its bottom of the page suggestion, ‘blue jasmine flower’. Aha, discovery. It’s wonderful to see the cyberworld’s priorities.

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