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  1. miclusic

    Whoa, a Zero. Sounds liek it’s time to finish off this Movie and Movie review stuff. Why don’t you just focus on “All in The Family.” There’s enough grit and juice in 5 minutes of that show compared to the onslaught of Hollywood name-checking you pitifully do.

    I’m a little biased though. We watched a Lot of the Bunkers growing up. My maternal grandda and my dad weren’t the best of buds (stivik-miclusic?), and this show always seemed to spark a disturbing tension when we piled around the Zenith. May be part of the reason why I like tension between bloggers, and why it produces good art, if such a thing can happen nowadays.

    But then there’s also jean Stapkleton’s Theater Playhouse which was just down the Gettysburg Pike from where we lived. My momn would go to her summer appearances with her girlfriends. She coerced me to go to one of the shows after Stapleton died, and it was pretty good, but a year later Hollywood made a movie of it and my memories developed shitstains.

  2. miclusic

    Could you ask your cousin to write a diary of A Day in The Life of a director, or dictate to you at least for SiW? I have a troubling obsession with Power, and would good to hear about it from the Chief Steak.

    (sorry for the ADiTHL reference, had insomnia several times this week, and in an attempt to ease it, listened the Sgt Pepper for the 100th time, though it’s been well over 15 years since the prior)

  3. Miclusic

    Oh for frick park’s sake jack, I allude to the imagescreen and its power, and you immediately go running to mr filet mignonstein. Forget it

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