6 responses to “My Internet Radio Playlist, 9/24/13”

  1. miclusic

    Since names are interchangeable for the most part, and Emily is never mentioned in the song, I’d like to add “For Autumn, Whenever I may Find Her.” I usually have sung this only in private while playing guitar. Art Garfunkel’s near soprano voice sounds almost pretentious (and slight off key) when I sing it, but I like it, and try for the smooth glassy tone. Just don’t tell any hip people, or maybe I’ll run with the pretentiousness some day, right in front of the culture critics.

    What a great chord to end on.

  2. miclusic

    We saw the Bangles 2 years ago, kind of cheesy, but ok – lawnchairs, somewhat dinky local park. They’re all still pretty hot chicks. Wild seeing Hoffs with wrinkles in her face.

  3. miclusic

    yeah, Sweet never did much for me – always seemed to be linked to neat stuff, but his originality was like it was reliant so much on others, maybe i’m the same way

  4. miclusic

    Just listened to Parsley Sage….”The Dangling Conversation” was thee song off that one that gripped me as a 15 year old

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