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  1. miclusic

    Well shitstains on rye, Jack, the Whitey story made it to our local newsprint, with the exact same courtroom drawing, only in B&W. Little did they know I have access to the amazing colored rendering. So one quote is highlighted, “The scope, the callousness,” says US District judge Denise Caper,” the depravity of your crimes are almost unfathomable.”

    Wait up, this dude, hmmm, how would I describe him, hmmmm, I think the best way would be to call Whitey – ‘mean-spirited.’ You think that fits? I mean we know that I’m definitely mean-spirited based on Jack Silbert’s amazing critical faculties in judging people. But Whitey, compared to my wrathfulness, I’d call him “not-so-mean-spirted.” Definitely a more moral person than me,.

  2. miclusic

    Ok, deal. I have one request. In your next Aquarium showdown, please find a way to fit in the Portland band The Feelings. Good sorta music if I remember, but I was always real attracted to the name, since I read it as a blank-stared mockery of those corny emotions.
    Sean from Tullycraft was hip to the zeitgeist in a way, he used to say, ‘I have one feeling: hunger!’

  3. yjdtymtsdm,sm

    Jack, do you know the names of the colors used in that drawing? I noticed on the 64 pak of Crayons that I was using with my 5 year old niece over the weekend, the names of colors are written in three languages. Pretty cool. Has Frank ever told you about the game Wimp Factor played with the guys in the Crayon band while we were on tour? Rob was Maize, I was Midnight Blue, Sean was Lime, I’m blanking on Frank, (also blanking on where we gigged in Providence, NYC was the great Brooklyn corner bar, no?) Vicky Wheeler was a cool color but I forget.

    Anyway, you Jack, having all the expert experience in the education of children, I thought I’d consult with you about the color-names of the mean-spirited man in this courtroom

  4. yjdtymtsdm,sm

    that is a lot of orange color swatch. my wife could get lost in that deciding the color of the next room i paint. (i really have no idea, mind-reading is for novelists and screenwriters)

    yeah, Midnite Blue was a guilty pleasure of mine for a bit too, until REM covered it. what’s your favorite off of Collapse Into Now?

  5. yjdtymtsdm,sm

    Discoverer is amazing ain’t it. Do you hear a slight bit, accident or not, of Springsteen’s Born to Run, in the instrumental part of All The Best? But Mine Smells Like Honey I think is my fave just cause that’s the one I figured out on guitar.

  6. Miclusic

    Uberlin strikes me as a nice exercise in the clever recording techniques the mastered

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