4 responses to “My Highly Subjective List of the Best Movies of 2013”

  1. yjdtymtsdm,sm

    I didn’t see any new movies this year, but “The Time That Remains” from 2009 was my best rental this year by far. I couldn’t locate it in your 2009-10 favorite lists?? It had all the elements of good filmmaking and storytelling I thought. Was it because it’s from a Palestinian perspective that it went suppressed under all your other reviews?

  2. Lisa

    If These Knishes…I must find and see it! Also, whaddya think of
    Philomena and American Hustle? Thanks for the great list!

  3. Brian Hanson-Harding

    Great list, but a few questions:

    Did you by any chance see Fill the Void and The Attack?
    And are American Hustle and PHilomena chopped liver?

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