One response to “My Internet Radio Playlist, 1/14/14”

  1. yjdtymtsdm,sm

    The Who called me from 1965, “Happy Jack” era. And they said instead of beer they are drinking Perrier water from now on, and they are trading in their mod scooters for bicycles, they also are defriending any of their Facebook friends who work in garages fixing scooters. And they are now even paying someone to come onstage right after the last song of their concerts, and pulling their guitars away before they can smash them, and then they proceed to wipe the guitars down and lay them gently back into their guitar cases. They said Jack’s Aquarium was the impetus for their reformed ways. Sadly, they said because of the changes, they were never compelled to write a song called “Happy Jack.” So Jack, I guess you’ve been dreaming.

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