4 responses to “Movie Review: The Monuments Men”

  1. Didi Dobbs

    I love you for appreciating ” La Clooney”. Even when he’s not great, let’s face it – he is. I know that I’ll get around to the movie, but I did have the same sinking feeling watching the trailer. I love the work of the cast, but in this case it felt desperate. Who am I kidding, I’m going to watch it and find lots to love about it, because – it’s Clooney!

  2. Sue Macy

    Jack: I agree. It was entertaining, but I never got beyond the knowledge that I was watching people tell a story. I never felt like the Nazis were at my doorstep, as I did, when I was 11 with The Sound of Music, and any number of movies since. And—spoiled alert—how come they only killed off the Europeans? Lord Grantham and the Artist. That seemed rather unfair. Cate Blanchett did redeem herself from what I firmly believe was an awful performance in that awful film, Blue Jasmine.

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