4 responses to “Ban Bossy. (But…)”

  1. Cecilia Dinio Durkin

    How about we call strong, independent females by their given names and stop the labels all together? But I agree. Let’s call a bitch a bitch – some women are bossy. Some men are bossy, too and we have choice names for them, as well. Why don’t we stop labeling and use our words, people. There are lots of adjectives out there, whip out that thesaurus app. and describe away!


    I don’t think that men are automatically respected when they act “bossy”, but are they called unsavory, even downright nasty sexually infused names? Not often. We have a short memory when it comes to powerful women.. Wait for the moment Hilary announces her candidacy. The media is going to eat her alive ALL OVER AGAIN – even after being a Senator, Presidential Candidate and Secretary of State. She is going have to prove herself all over again. And she is going to be chastised for being too “Bossy” which will mean all sorts of “other” things. It’s messed up, but we still live in a society that doesn’t address equal pay for women and men.. What example should women be setting except for trying to get other (mostly men) to change that? Be more of a lady?

  3. Davidsfr

    There are other nasty names men are called—bastard, sonofabitch, dictator, nazi, hitler—so I think this whole argument is way overdone. Bitch isn’t any worse than any of those. And whatever your temperament is, male or female, if you succeed there will be those who will try to tear you down. HiLLary Clinton already knows this from personal experience and she will handle everything they throw at her. She won’t be asking for any especially gently treatment. And she’ll succeed. That should be a great learning experience for girls to know how to succeed as well.

  4. Caren

    I laughed. That was funny. I just want to ban all five letter words ending in –SSY when applied to men OR women. There are other words out there for the same thing.

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