4 responses to “Movie Review: Noah”

  1. yjdtymtsdm,sm

    That Requiem scene of the double dildo girls was over the top. Pretty cool, but didn’t bother with him after that. Black Swan was ok, and only saw it because the wife rented it. I wouldn’t mind seeing “Pi” again, maybe. I think I smoked a joint before I saw it. Too much of a dweeb in my 20s, going to see a lot of movies alone. Ganja shook it up a bit.

  2. Davidsfr

    Just got back from seeing “Noah” with the family. Was determined to see it in IMAX, figured it would only be worthwhile that way. Was furious to find the Crossgates Cinema had already bumped it out of IMAX for “Captain America” (really who wants to see that?!) It was still a good movie, I’d give it 4 out of 5, but the lack of IMAX still has me irked. Thanks for the tip about Nick Nolte, isn’t he in something else coming out soon?

  3. CM

    “The Chuck Cunningham.”

    Love it!

    Pi and Black Swan creeped me out, but maybe I’ll see this. I just assumed that anything done by Darren A. is going to be creepy and sometimes hard to watch. Intriguing, sure, but occasionally over the top in terms of grossitude.

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