6 responses to “Album Review: “We Already Have Birds That Sing” by Life in a Blender”

  1. mikghgb

    Someday, now on the west coast, it’s feasible I think to have a glorious evening sailing into the sunset. On a darker not, it’s also related to an elaborate plan I concocted some years ago on how I would commit suicide.

  2. mikghgb

    Oy vey

  3. mikghgb

    I was just notified by the college DJ that we had heard a song called “OHM” by Yo La Tengo. Thought of you Jack. I kind of liked them back in college just cuz they were part of the scene. But it wasn’t til Electro-Pura falling into my hands mid90s that I thought they were really good. Strangely, not good enough to pursue their following efforts. This song “OHM” is apparently recent. Gotta admit, compared to the other indie rock they play on our radio, “OHM” was pretty bland and substandard. I mean hooray for long drawn out hippy jams, just keep it in the practice room

  4. mikghgb

    I remember “I can Hear the Heart” coming out. I really liked the cover art, and may have given it a spin at the listening station. pretty good from what I remember, but also one of those albums where you go into a hip record store and they have a display for what the Employee staff recommends (lot of Seattle did that, don’t really know about other places). I can hear The Heart was kind of quintessential to that, where I almost always avoid staff recommendations.

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