3 responses to “My Internet Radio Playlist, 6/17/14”

  1. mikghgb

    gosh, what can i remember from Casey Casems American Top Forty, what 1979? Air Supply rings a loud bell. Seems to fit in with his first go July 4.
    Easy Listening

  2. mikghgb

    Oh, Macca’s “Silly Love Songs”. Def remember that. Sister used to cassette tape some of the top40 countdowns. The three part harmony near 2/3 rds of the way through. I’m goofy enough to say we tried singing that together acapellaly. Trite family we ware, in the shadow of chris plummer and dame sandy julie duncan andrews. getting to the point where I don’t like the Beatles as much as I like them, in the style I’ve gone through with Rem. I still dig Macca’s bass playing. fluid and all the rest. He kept going though, more and more in the spotlight, Olympics and other big appearances, making albums god knows why. Why do we seek the spotlight. A-1 guilty here of Salt in Wound look at me-ism. Read me-ism. There’s so much interesting things than writing. A catch 22. still, it’s got to stop, go outside and talk to the neighbor, anywy, catharsis, May Kasems family be well.

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