9 responses to “Movie Review: Boyhood”

  1. darkf blbower

    i just skimmed through the ‘complicated history’ story of you and Ethan Hawke. back in 2010?? Jack, slow down a bit, please. You are way ahead of me in the narcissist game.

  2. darkf blbower

    Thank you. What i needed to hear.

  3. David Schaffer

    “Don’t forget how much good The Purge does.”

  4. E. Night

    I need to tell you something. Something important. It’s interesting that you knew Ethan Hawke when he was young, but what’s more interesting is how many of his films you’ve missed. I need to tell you something important. I need to tell you to watch these films:

    Before Sunrise
    Training Day
    Before Sunset
    Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
    Before Midnight

    Because let me tell you, you might have missed one of the most fascinating, diverse, creative and underrated careers in hollywood.

  5. E. Night

    The Daytrippers? Never heard of it. I said Daybreakers.

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