9 responses to “Twitter, Breakfast, and the Crumbling of Society”

  1. Caren

    So, don’t leave us hanging. Are they part of a cult? An anything-for-breakfast cult?? Sounds interesting.

  2. darkf blbower

    This whatever breakfast twitter stuff has mentally retarded written all over it.

    So I’ll use it as a chance to ask, Do you know if Tom Hoffman is on Facebook? Frank didn’t mention him in an interview about the band, and it seems ridiculous. Tom was the second most important member of Wimp Factor. Our album would have been much more bland if Tom hadn’t rejoined us to pop some crisp drum life into the songs, don’t you think?

  3. David Schaffer

    I recall back in the 70s my mother told me she had heard someone on TV say burgers for breaksfast are a good idea because of the protein. I even had a science teacher claim ice cream for breakfast was OK because at least you got calcium. Remember Freddie Blassie was ready to eat various items from the Sambo’s lunch/dinner menu until Andy Kaufman reminded him that it was breakfast (Freddie said he usually just ate whatever he wanted whenever he wanted, he didn’t think in terms of meal schedules.). None of this justifies Cheetos for breakfast–in fact, I don’t think consumption of Cheetos can EVER be justified!

  4. David Schaffer

    Also “breakfast pizza” is probably not leftover cold pizza but pizza made with eggs, cheese and either bacon or sausage, maybe ham. This has been a fairly common item for quite a while now.

  5. darkf blbower

    jack Silby: I loved when the Wimps were staying at Mark Robinson’s house during the album recording, and Mark was going thru his answering machine only to discover Kim Deal from the Breeders left a message. I was like yes! let’s incorporate it. And Tom was like No No No, displaying respect for Mark and sort of Kim too. I was like fuck that, Marc Robinson totally skims his ideas from the pop world and I provided an example or two. I think it makes a great album ending.

  6. darkf blbower

    I was out of it, I never heard of Fred Blassie until the REM song about Kaufmann. Then I saw the video of the breakfast, still unsure what happened, it was filmed poor quality?Was Andy being a jerk? I forget. I don’t know these people anyway.

    Hey Jack, I’ve got a new joke:

    I saw an LG ad the other day on this site. That was the brand of phone I had before iPhone. For about 5 minutes I longed for the pre-Smartphone days. That’s all my attention span would allow.

    It doesn’t have the all-out cutesyness of a Stephen Wright joke, but I think iit’s n the same vein. It should get a fair amount of likes, I mean laughs, don’t you think?

  7. Michael Durek

    This would do great in a college town. If I didn’t know my times tables, I would not have passed the captcha. Go Rutgers Math degree!

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