9 responses to “My Internet Radio Playlist, 11/4/14”

  1. Miclusic

    There’s an infinitely more interesting list of songs related to the throat lozenge Sucrets. Oops, my bad, I’ve let the cat out of the bag.

  2. CM

    What’s the theme?

  3. darkf blbower

    I guess I really appreciate this theme, I haven’t thought about Sucrets in decades, and I have not much of a clue why the thought of them gives me a good feeling.

  4. Gail S.

    Loved that little tune by The Motifs. And George singing Do You Want to Know a Secret…..

  5. darkf blbower

    Gail, George gives me hope. He was a long-time heavy smoker and spent the last five years in a harsh gruesome disgusting battle with cancer. Smoke em while you got em!

  6. Gail S.

    Very dark, darkf blbower.
    btw, Jack. Sucrets , in that little tin ,was my favorite thing about being sick when I was a kid.

  7. darkf blbower

    Gail, I’m self-conscious about my smoking. Those very dark non-smoking campaigns have had an effect. I wish I was more perfect like other people, then I could live my world bathed in heavenly light, a harmonious beetle.

  8. Miclusic

    Sorry jack for being ‘stupidly yappy’ – been listening over one of those fanzine cd comps from the 90s. Damn, wild stuff. Good time for indie rock and zines, Nirvana aftershocks. The web-music today doesnt touchit. It’s drinking Miller Lite in some design can after having a nice Red Hook

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