6 responses to “Ask Jack: Weight Harassment, Lost ID Card, and Job of the Week”

  1. darkf blbower

    Jack, I spent an hour the other day composing a Job advice question. More like Career advice, 30+ years years playing music is a career. I wanted to know how to approach “Maria” by Blondie. Our band has played it off and on for 6 months, and it was still wrong in my mind. Maybe because I spent a lot of time going over how to write you the question, when we played “Maria” the other night, I was very happy with our changes. Score for Salt In Wound!
    “Go insane and out of your mind!”

  2. darkf blbower

    Even more pertinent questions to Salt in Wound. What do you think of my lenticular template to craft later for gift giving?


    Is the God/Satan thing to cliché? Too yin/yang? Does the devil outshine God? Go Absurd and have My Little Pony instead of God? instead of Satan? Ack! Time to get going, get gummy glue on my fingers and perhaps a papercut.

  3. darkf blbower

    Ouch. You know Jack, that scene from Seinfeld where George drives with the inlaws to see a non-existent beach house, how he’s funny whenever they call him out, and he escalates? I sometimes feel that vibe talking with you here.
    ok, will take some thought, but Mad Magazine would be important to incorporate, not necessarily as the gift, but an artwork paying homage to junior high fun.

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