9 responses to “Movie Review: Dumb and Dumber To”

  1. darkf blbower

    Just to see Rob Riggle simply wriggling might be enough for me to see this.

  2. Mr Observant

    Wait, wasn’t Cam Neely’s “cam”eo in the post credits extra ?

  3. darkf blbower

    Mr Observant, great question!

    I doubt if I can eat a whole one, would you share half this sandwich with me?

  4. darkf blbower

    jack, I’ve seen namely two examples of a quasi-variation on lenticularism, or they may be a legit part of the lenticular species, I don’t know. one has been ‘popping up’ on Monday Night Football for several mondays now, and the other in our local newsrag regarding a stupid smell-o-vision thing people are shown to be enjoying in Los Angelas. Dumb and dumber people, you can’t give em enough of they’ve been hypnotized to want. So, to the point, my lenticular sculpture is evolving. Materials have been bought, several predatory sketches have been made. Looks like this holiday season, from my neck of the woods, will be a sure bust!

  5. Miclusic

    The SiW salt shaker is gone, yet you can click on the evacuated space to still refresh the page. Nothingness, a phantom, the past maintains.

  6. Miclusic

    “she is back!”

    I guess sometimes things have to reach their most basic, for me to say -shit, why did i open my big mouth.

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