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  1. Miclusic

    hey, I perused the Poems tag on the upper right shortly ago, and found a comment by a Did Dobbs, some type of movie buff apparently. Strange she didn’t add to your Didi funny baseball stuff, or perhaps more intringingly, why Jack didn’t send her a shout-out in the funny one liners, or did I miss it?

  2. Miclusic

    “That home run deserves it’s very own Didi “Topps” Dobbs baseball card!”

    I deliberately omitted a hyperlink; those things belittle me.
    Think of it like a Tullycraft song. If a possible hyperlink, which your new boyfriend is too stupid to know about, you needn’t go there. BTW, for an authentic source of indie Christmas theme shit, David, check out tullycraft dot com!

  3. Miclusic

    Music is often like robotics, or hand-eye-ear coordination. I’ll be the first to admit sadly that piano, a granddaddy of an instrument, doesn’t come easy at all for me. (I also sadly suck at the newish video gaming stuff, tho I rule satisfyingly at Intellivision). Jack, how about we both work on this tutorial, and say by the Academy Awards show (in February?) we both post vids of us playing this fantastic song.


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