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  1. Miclusic

    Our band played 4 Christmas hymns at the gig last night. Rehearsing them I realized how much the melodies and chord progressions of these ditties have influenced my own songwriting. O Come O Come, Midnight Clear, Drummer Boy, Do You Hear – the brainwashing of my religious youth is clearly evident today. Only with other bandmember input and advanced technology do my originals become somewhat original. Do you have the Velvet’s box set from 20 years ago? John Cale’s demos of “All Tomorrrow’s Parties” would fit in at any Catholic folk Mass.

  2. Miclusic

    There were four bands on the bill, and you’ll be happy to know, that our Christmas music setlist was the least welcome. One band played Knocking on Heaven’s Door, and I felt compelled to get on the sparse dancefloor and move around like a drunk hippy idiot. All the bands are acquaintances and I know of one Jew in the fold, and he really gave me a scornful look toward my mocking dance moves. I think it must have had to do with the song being by Dylan? Not sure.

  3. Miclusic

    Throwback Thursday
    I’ve been veering off topic. Jack, I have a question. Have the early archives of SiW been tampered with?

  4. Miclusic

    I was going to say how I watched the Yule Log on TV at work today, cause I remembered that post from 2008, but my comment was gone.

  5. Miclusic

    That’s screwy.

    Anyway, I’m done with the lenticular project. Thanks for the inspiration. The W i forgot, yet it appeared almost miraculously from the background in the ideal spot. i took it as a sign for a great 2015 SiW.

  6. Miclusic

    Fella! egad, you sound like my dad. missed the boat in not having kids of my own, the ultimate artistic expression, raising a child, don’t you think?

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