5 responses to “Thank You, Vin Scelsa”

  1. Jane

    I used to love to listen to his show in the 80’s on WNEW. I will always hold dear in my heart all the great, eclectic music and stories Vin shared over the years. He was a true original.

  2. David Schaffer

    I also knew Vin Scelsa from WNEW-FM. I believe he was one of the mainstay jocks there, going back to the mid-70s at least.

  3. Bryan Brown

    A friend of mine said, vis a vis our common nocturnal explorations/discoveries of self courtesy the radio, that he wouldn’t want to be young now. Or that he was glad he was young when he was. I don’t know. Still, I can’t imagine myself without those long nights, the equivalent of an open road. WMMR for me too, then NEW in a nascent adulthood. Still in development. Well, there’s always more music ahead. Thanks, Vin and Jack.

  4. Rich K

    For me Vin was a disruptive force of nature – life as planned wouldn’t happen when he was on, because you couldn’t leave the house/car/whatever until he finished weaving his mix of music and story. One Saturday morning, all pretense of mowing the lawn went out the window as Vin told his tale of of a flooded basement and his efforts to bail out the same – “sucking water” was the mantra – explaining to an exasperated yet amused John Zacherly why he was late. For years I had no idea what TV shows aired on Saturday night, and invested in longer and longer headphone cables so I could move about the house while immersively listening.
    I admit I hadn’t been listening as much recently, mostly because the rest of FUV’s line up and their devolving sense of eclecticism finally forced me to tune elsewhere, and once gone I failed to come back as often for him. And now it’s much too late, to take a second look.

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