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    Wonderfully written. Thanks for putting into words the tremendous impact David Letterman has had on our culture. I think I’ve watched Dave (since the NBC daytime show — which was innovative weird brilliant, super funny)more than any one personality on television. I loved him right from the start. Boy am I going to miss this guy. Nice job – thank you, Jack!

  2. Gadi Harel

    I’ll be watching for the next three nights but your piece has really made me sad that I stopped checking in with Dave in any way for so long. Well done. Thanks for taking the time to write it all down. Two more things. One, I went to a taping years ago and also have no idea who the guests were. Weird. And two, I remember being in the audience for that slide show! Was it called Born to Pun, or am I mixing memories?

  3. Gadi Harel

    Of course I remember. You were MY Letterman.

  4. Holly A Hughes

    I’ve been a Letterman fan since he was a bag boy at the Atlas Supermarket in Indianapolis, where I grew up. We went to the same high school. My brother and I used to crack up watching Dave pretend to be the weatherman on the nightly local news; we were addicted to his first late-night show, Freeze Dried Movies. The day he abandoned Indy for the West Coast was a sad day in my household indeed. All of that grief and withdrawal is coming back again, as I watch Dave get ready to retire altogether from television. I just can’t believe it. I never particularly “got” Johnny Carson but Dave really and truly spoke my language.

    If you’re planning on a marathon session of watching those old VCRed shows, count me in!

  5. David Schaffer

    I’ll give a reward to anyone who can tell me the Letterman guest who appeared within the first year or two he was on CBS and told the story of Harvey Korman coming to his house on Christmas Day two years in a row. Apparently this guest (a man) lived in the house Korman and his family lived in while Harvey was growing up. Harvey and his brother stopped by one Christmas Day asking if they could see the house. The guest and his family were overwhelmed and thrilled to have such a star in their house on Christmas Day, but apparently Harvey and his brother got into a terrible fight while they were there and spoiled Christmas for this guy and his family. The part where the story gets hard to believe is that the same thing happened the following year, again the Korman brothers showed up at the house, were again let in, and again got into a terrible fight that spoiled the holiday. I couldn’t believe the family living in the house would let them in a second time on Christmas day, but regardless, if anyone can identify that guest, please post here.

  6. David Schaffer

    Apparently Jack I am the only one in the world who recognizes the overwhelming urgency of resolving this!

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