6 responses to “Movie Review: Mad Max: Fury Road”

  1. Caren

    “No Mel Gibson; I guess he’s in sensitivity training or something.” HAW! Great line. Liked the last one, too.

    OK, you made it sound worth seeing, even among those of us who know nothing of Mad Max except the Tina Turner song. And even for us girls. I’ll go.

    I’d be curious to see you someday review Pitch Perfect 2. Have not seen it either.

  2. MadMaddie

    Wake me when it’s time for dinosaurs.

  3. Frank B.

    I wish I had picked this instead of Tomorrowland.

  4. Frank B.

    Ah, so you saw Tomorrowland? Here are some questions (possible spoiler alert, but possibly not if I’ve misunderstood everything): Was Governor Nix a robot, or a human who maintained his 58 yeat old appearance permanently by drinking some sort of chocolate milkshake? Was he elected governor? Why would a secret world of the very best and brightest end up as a fascist state? Why would replenishing the supply of best and brightest be seen as the solution? Is Thomas Edison still alive, and did he vote for Governor Nix, and if so, why? How do all of the characters keep bouncing off hard objects at high speeds without getting hurt? Why does every phone in every movie have the same ring tone? I could go on.

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