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  1. Dorks Unite!

    the movie sounds like a dumbed down modern nod to William Barrett’s “Irrational Man.”

    I loved that book in college. Aside from the great blue bookcover on my edition, with a Giacometti sculpture, I mainly only remember the scene of kierkegaard walking the copenhagen streets saddled with his nasty spinal disease.
    btw, bendy straws are a handy invention for really sick deathly ill people. Two years into this career, I like to small talk with these folks and can hang ok when things are critical However, you know me Jack, more than once in a “blue moon” (LOL!) I can conversate (ebonics yo) like an immature retard, in which case, that shit about the bendy straw accordion might be perfect. Thanks!

  2. Dorks Unite!

    “All” of music history? hyperbole Fir evr

  3. Dorks Unite!

    Ah, interesting, not.

    Me and my buddy since third grade, we saw Thompson at Graffiti sophomore year at Pitt. Were you at that show Jack?

  4. Dorks Unite!

    No need for an answer. I understand. There’s many fans of Dylan like yourself who have extreme difficulty with “coming up with something fresh.”

  5. Dorjks Uniyte!

    “Kierkegaard and Nietzsche were two notable thinkers who refused positivism’s stifling embrace, and argued that the real goals of philosophy, self knowledge and freedom, are not to be found on this path, and that the ideology of progress obscures alarming trends toward conformism, banality and routine self-deception.”

    but yeah, i think i understand. Salt in Wound is more about celebrities, nifty puns, and music at theme parks. Self-knowledge and freedom can go take me up the ass.

  6. Dorjks Uniyte!

    hey Jack, it’s my day off work, you know how that is,

    Withe book “Irrational Man” being on my mind a lot over the past few days, I think I just got carried away today.
    Things are good.
    My belated bday party was yesterday. Brother in law, on his gargantuan ipad thing, showed me video of his most recent gig, playing a bunch of Iron Maiden songs, also “Spirit of the Radio” by Rush.
    (you probably know being a fan of indie pop, Tullycraft had a fairly ok hit single in Germany with “Piano Lessons For Beauty Queens. I stole most of my guitar part from Spirit of The Radio. Then a year or two later Mike Mills from REM wrote “Be Mine” which has a chorus that is very much those same Spirit of The Radio chords.)

    My own current band got further confirmation over the weekend that we may be playing a lesbian wedding in September. And in between messaging you today I gave an old asian guy at the ragtag thrift shop a $20 bill for a pair of 1 dollar shirts. Support The Nobodies! Hardly need to say this, take all my comments with a grain of ____.

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